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West Virginia Is First State to Pilot a Secure Military Mobile Voting Solution

Secretary of State of West Virginia Press Release | March 28, 2018
West Virginia’s Secretary of State’s Office is piloting the first mobile voting by blockchain in a federal election. The state is performing a pilot test for military service members who can’t vote in person in two counties—Harrison County and Monongalia County. Deployed, registered, qualified military voters will be able to vote beginning on Friday, March 23, 2018, until the polls are closed on Primary Election Day on May 8, 2018. Participating military voters will need a compatible Apple or Android mobile device and approved, validated State or Federal ID to vote.

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Personal Genomics to Blockchain Technology

The Harvard Crimson, Amy L. Jia and Sanjana L. Narayanan | Mar. 4. 2018
In a partnership with a pharmaceutical company, Harvard researchers plan to launch Nebula Genomics, a blockchain technology company that aims to give individuals full ownership of their genomic data. By cutting out the middlemen, Nebula Genomics will allow individuals to sell their personal data to pharma and biotech companies.

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Decentralized Governance and Identity

FutureThinkers Podcast, Daniel Jeffries | Feb. 25. 2018
In this Future Thinkers Podcast, futurist Daniel Jeffries discusses the current trends in cryptocurrencies and promise of blockchain and the technology’s impact on decentralized governance. A properly implemented blockchain is a distributed series of digital checks and balances, according to Jefferies. “If done correctly, you have something that’s very powerful and only the things that we all really agree on get through, and the other stuff falls to the wayside.”

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