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Too Embarrassed to Ask: The Facebook Scandal and Its Fallout, Eric Johnson | Mar. 23, 2018
On the podcast Too Embarrassed to Ask, Recode’s Kurt Wagner talks with Kara Swisher and Lauren Goode about the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal. Wagner and how political data firms’ exploitation of a loophole in Facebook’s old data platform has severely undermined public trust in Facebook..

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Decentralized Governance and Identity

FutureThinkers Podcast, Daniel Jeffries | Feb. 25. 2018
In this Future Thinkers Podcast, futurist Daniel Jeffries discusses the current trends in cryptocurrencies and promise of blockchain and the technology’s impact on decentralized governance. A properly implemented blockchain is a distributed series of digital checks and balances, according to Jefferies. “If done correctly, you have something that’s very powerful and only the things that we all really agree on get through, and the other stuff falls to the wayside.”

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Berkeley Considers Initial Coin Offering to Fund Affordable Housing

Neighborly, Garrett Brinker | Feb. 9, 2018
With the Trump administration threatening to without funds to sanctuary cities, the City of Berkley is seeking to launch a first-of-its-kind tokenized municipal bond, dedicated to funding affordable housing. “We innovated recycling and solar here [in California],” said City Councilman Ben Bartlett. “…We pride ourselves on our frontier mentality.”

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The AI Police Are Coming, Chelsea Gohd | Jan. 27, 2018
Ford Motor Company has filed a patent on an autonomous, artificially intelligent police car, which could issue citations and provide surveillance via wireless databases.

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