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Time for a New Inflection Point

IBM Think 2018, Ginni Rometty | Mar. 20, 2018
Business and technology are reaching an inflection point triggered by the convergence of data and artificial intelligence, according to IBM CEO Giinni Rometty. “Something happens when both Business and Technology architectures change at the same time,” said Rometty. “You look back in time that is about every 25 years and it has the potential to change everything. And so what that means everybody in here runs a business. It’s a business that can learn exponentially and if you learn exponentially you become the disrupter versus be disrupted.”

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Will a Tiny Robot Be the Future of Medicines?

The Week | Feb. 3, 2018
In the not too distant future, minuscule robots could soon deliver drugs within the body. The one-seventh inch rubber robotic device, which walks, jumps, crawls, rolls and swims, has not yet been tested in humans yet.

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