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Crypto’s Wild Ride

L2inc, Scott Gallow and David Yermack | Mar. 29, 2017
L2inc’s Scott Galloway discusses the future of alt-coins and the volatility of the market with NYU Stern finance professor David Yermack.

Time for a New Inflection Point

IBM Think 2018, Ginni Rometty | Mar. 20, 2018
Business and technology are reaching an inflection point triggered by the convergence of data and artificial intelligence, according to IBM CEO Giinni Rometty. “Something happens when both Business and Technology architectures change at the same time,” said Rometty. “You look back in time that is about every 25 years and it has the potential to change everything. And so what that means everybody in here runs a business. It’s a business that can learn exponentially and if you learn exponentially you become the disrupter versus be disrupted.”

How the Internet of Things Is Improving Rail Travel in France

IBM Watson | Feb. 22, 2017
French Railways operator SNCF uses IBM Watson IoT to deliver superior customer service, maximum operational efficiency and enhanced safety to its 13.5 million daily passengers. Using the Watson IoT Platform and thousands of sensors, SNCF connects its entire rail system, including 30,000 kilometres of track, 15,000 trains and 3,000 stations, to provide insights from real-time information. These insights will allow SNCF to manage its equipment and improve quality, security and availability of its trains.

Blockchain Is A Technology, Not A Philosophy

Fin Tech World, Mark Roderick | Feb. 16, 2018

Mark Roderick, a partner with Flaster Greenberg, is a leading crowdfunding and fintech lawyer. In this appearance at the Harvard Business School Club of New York, Mr. Roderick describes the differences between utility tokens and cryptocurrencies.


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